Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ah, olive oil, you wonderful food, you

…HA once traveled to Majorca to learn more about olive oil. It was a filthy job, but she sucked it up and did it. What a saint.

… Everyone who hasn’t been in Tora Bora knows by now that hardy Mediterranean types that breathe salt air and toss down olives and olive oil-drenched salads, veggies, fish, and pastas have less colon and breast cancer.

… “Oh-leev-oh,” as it seems to be pronounced onsite on the shores of the Med, is also credited by Johns Hopkins researchers with improving blood cholesterol and pressure after only six weeks of noshing on olive oil covered beans and rice. LDL ( the baddie) fell an average of almost 12 points.

…Of course, a little fishnet-hauling, hill climbing, dancing, and plate-smashing, also staples of the Med, wouldn’t hurt.

….Don’t you hate it when smarty-pants types like HA remind you that exercise and control are still needed? Takes all the fun out of lunch.

…Still, how about Greek or Italian today?

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