Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Chocolate...the magical bean

….Mars Candy has launched Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges around Chicago.

….Another to watch for on a corner near you: Vosges Haut-Chocolat Boutique.

….Since chocolate is being called “the new coffee,” it’s okay to nibble it daily—nibble, not scarf.

…At Ethel’s you can even get a Chocolapolitan, containing that other fabulous food group, vodka!

…HA once interviewed Hilary Lifton, author of Candy and Me: A Love Story. As her publicist told HA, she was “all about the candy.” Liftin was worried about Halloween. When she had children, she ventured, how would she handle it? No question, she would eat their treats! She planned to put hubby in charge.

…Dietitions told HA that a little candy everyday, 10 M&Ms or something, would not kill anyone.

…Of course, the buzz now is that the dark stuff is even good for you, high in flavinols, an antioxidant with blood-thinning properties that could lower BP.

…Mars is way ahead of ya. They are launching CocaoVia, a tangy treat loaded with antioxidants, added vitamins, and cholesterol-lowering plant sterols from soy.

…Please, oh, please, Mars, don’t pimp it so much it tastes like a cocoa-dipped shoe sole!

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