Sunday, February 12, 2006

The dreaded clipboard

. . . The Congress, the president, everyone but HA’s dog Spencer, has kicked around the idea of an electronic chart, some sort of computerized system containing all of one’s medical records including x-rays and MRI films. Kicked it around, but never really achieved it. HA wrote about this 15 years ago—and a doctor she went to recently gave out his email but later revealed that his secretary printed the emails, he dictated answers, and she typed them into a return email. Let’s hear it for Computer Literacy in the Medical Work Place! (In all fairness, HA’s mother’s doc does tap on a Blackberry.)

. . . If we get an electronic chart, will we be sorry? Will our lives be laid out for the likes of vengeful insurance companies and collections agents? Stay tuned

. . . Oh, and when you do fill out your gazillionth clipboard, do you ever wonder why ailments people actually get are never on there…like shingles or atrial fibrillation or a dislocated shoulder or a joint replacement? They are big on cancer, heart failure, and the big boys, but a past history of insomnia, heel cracks, or a stiff neck is never a choice. Those suck!

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