Monday, February 20, 2006

Golfer's wrist--YOW!

…Golf only looks leisurely and low-impact on TV. An orthopedist and sports medicine doc says it puts a strain on every major joint in the body—shoulder, knees, hip and back. In boomers this can lead to the dreaded arthur-itis. This doctor recommends glucosamine and chondroitin, but google it first and make up your own mind. There has been some buzz lately about the two in combo.

…Wrist constantly painin’you? You may have a classic case of "golfer's wrist," a tricky problem identified by Stanford assistant prof John F. Feller, M.D. “We've had patients from 18 to 80 years of age," he sez.

…The hand closest to the end of the club is affected. The owie results from a single "duffer" shot into rock or patch of hardpan. The energy runs up the club and TWANG! You can also get it from repeated use of a club that's too short.

…Technically a stress fracture, golfer's wrist involves the breaking off of a little "process," or nub, called the "hook of hamate" on a small bone in the wrist called the hamate. The pain is felt opposite the thumb, usually on the palm side of the wrist,
but sometimes on the back.

…The remedy? Minor surgery. Ask your doc. And be glad you have something to ask about. Some patients diddle around for years trying to get this diagnosed.

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