Friday, February 17, 2006

Just like an ATM, except with drugs in it

…HA wrote about these people ages ago and now the idea is spreading. Mendota Healthcare has its InstyMeds machines that allow Moms with cranky kids to get their prescriptions from a machine in the doctor’s lobby rather than corraling the screamers at the pharmacy counter.

…Now another company, Asteres, is popping Script-Center machines in some Left Coast drugstores and will soon install them in Giants on the East Coast.

…The founder of Mendota once told HA that he got the idea after driving around half the night trying to find an all-night pharmacist to fill a ‘script to quell his screeching child’s ear infection.

…Good idea, but why stop with drugs? Anything worth having is worth getting “vended,” HA always says.

...Ideas, readers?

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