Thursday, February 23, 2006

Let us speak of the unmentionable (constipation)

….Opinion Research Corp did a survey of 20,000 adults to determine which city is the, er, most clogged.

…We have a winner! Orlando. Memphis was 2nd, and good old Phoenix 17th.

…They didn’t say why there would be this discrepancy, but HA thinks two words on the Orlando finding: Cotton candy.

…Irregularity, which really needs no definition, is getting one anyway—no action for 2 or more days.

…Disclosure time. The poll was conducted by the Dannon Company to check out the need for its new Activia yogurt, chockful of probiotics (friendly bacteria, but still, ewww).

…Oh, heck, we’re in it now. How about some more stats?

…Irregularity is more of a problem for women than men (14% to 9%).

…Of those admitting to it, a quarter experienced it more than 5 times in the past month.

…The claim to fame of this Activia stuff is that it increases transit time through the gut. Could it increase it a little too much? Could HA, say, still jump on her pogo stick?

…This is not to pooh-pooh it. HA will give this Activia a try.

…No biotics were hurt in the writing of this entry, and HA was not compensated for this plug.

...Darn it.


Mignon said...

LOL! Great puns :-)

Star said...

I tried Activia--yum! Seemed to kinda move things along...