Friday, February 17, 2006

Let's pay interest on those medical bills!

…HA digresses, but don’t you love those Estimate of Billing things that come from the insurance company…the ones that say, “Your charges were $11,323, but we are going to toss your hospital $1,222 and call it a day?”

…Anyhow, now comes the neat news that Kaiser Permanente is offering credit cards with $5,000 limits to customers in Hawaii and Colorado—and soon, California. Just pay with the card (the whole amount, thank you, come again).

…Oops, interest is up to 23%! That ought to teach those heart patients.

…You know what HA loves? The new practice at her local Emergency Department. While you are lying on the gurney clutching your guts, a nice lady comes over and sees if this is a good time to render your copay.

…Could you come back or bill me? Step back!!! Ooops! Sorry ‘bout that.

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