Monday, February 27, 2006

Looking for Mr Good Diet

…Marketers have recognized that people on low calorie diets are hungry! So, the WSJ says (Feb 16, 2006), they are trying to invent the next food fad (can you invent a fad with the intention of its being a fad?).

…One new approach will be a food that makes you feel full.

…Older approaches tried to divert the nervous system and make you feel agitated so you forgot you didn’t feel full (think dex).

…Low carb, high protein made people feel satisfied because protein breaks down more slowly.

…Low glycemic then aimed at eating carbs that raised blood sugar levels more slowly. Level sugars keeps insulin pumping evenly and keeps hunger at bay.

…Now the white coats are trying to keep fat molecules intact so that when they hit the lower part of the small intestine called the ileum, they will set off the “Wow, that was great, I am stuffed” response.

…Many other approaches to faking out various parts of the intestine are in the works.

…Funny story. When testing these approaches, researchers found that looking at pictures of food made even well-fed people hungry. So they banned bored subjects from bringing in magazines.

…Ah, humans.

...One doc said if it was a matter of being or feeling full, why do people always have “room” for dessert. In HA’s family, we refer to it as the “pie hole.”

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