Friday, February 24, 2006

Make kids eat at home

..Making kids eat at home, of course, involves cooking, so proceed accordingly, advises HA, whose child’s father regretfully informed her she even had a stove.

…Those killjoy scientists checked on kids who eat out a lot and found they had increased heart disease risk factors, such as high blood pressure and poor insulin sensitivity.

…Kids who eat out a lot also tend to be overweight.

…They peeked at the dining habits of 600 Wisconsin school kids. About 126 of those ate out more than four times a week (not counting school lunches—which were probably the culprit, but that is the stuff of another blurb).

…Yup, the restaurant diners had a couple of points higher cholesterol and blood pressure.

…They also tended to drink more soda.

…Were these fast food excursions? Not mentioned.

…Let kids eat sushi, HA says! Especially after dining at IHOP recently and listening to an ungagged gaggle of charming tots try to outshriek each other.

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