Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Mr Poison meet Mr Antidote

…It’s kind of like Philip Morris’s ludicrous ads about how bad smoking is, but Pepsico has built 13 playgrounds at schools around the country to help kids work off their products. The company also is sponsoring courses in elementary and middle schools. The theme: Balance the food you choose with the way you move (sternly noted: “choose” and “move” do not rhyme unless you are Fiddy Cent). Coca-Cola Co. is also doling out the pedometers and McDonalds thinks it can teach kids to play. Yeah? Do they know all the verses to “Here comes the doctor, here comes the nurse, here comes the Lady with the Alligator purse”? Now that was a rhyme scheme! And hopscotch--jumping, balancing--pretty soon Nike will claim they invented it! After running around, chasing, screaming, climbing the monkey bars, and scraping your hands over asphalt to scoop up jacks, it’s Cheetos Time! The violent orange scum on the roof of your mouth, what a rush. Maybe they could pitch playing as…you know…fun? Just a thought.

… Do kids have PE and recess anymore? HA thinks the above may be a self-indulgent nostalgic riff, although she did see some tots cavorting outside a school the other day. Probably waiting for the parole officer.

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Gina said...

Ah breastfeeding AND childhood obesity--you're hitting on all my hot spots!

Childhood obesity is an epidemic. Sure, you can balance what you eat with how you move, but not when you're eating tons of crap every day. Soda and candy and fast food used to be "treats." Now they're a food group!

Also soda is horrendous for children's developing bones. (It's the phosphoric acid, not the sugar.)

Yes, I think recess and PE are going the way of the dodo, but don't get me started on that. Or school lunches...

Oh, by the way, breastfeeding reduces the risk of lifelong obesity. ;)