Monday, February 20, 2006

Will ED cart pull horse?

…Out here Phoenix way, Gilbert Hospital is opening a huge ED with a few overnight beds attached.

…This is the opposite of most hospitals, which are boxes of acute care beds with an Emergency Department screening and treatment area. If the patient can go home after treatment, great, if not, the grim bed wait or a transfer to another hospital begins.

…Importantly to the powers that be, they think they can make money on ED care, without acute care.

…One goal is to cut Phoenix’s 12-hour wait times in the ED. HA could fill all her bandwidth with sob stories about her excruciating waits for beds and treatment.

…What will happen when the miserable masses at the other EDs get the word about Gilbert Hospital and stream over? Will their promised 30-minute maximum wait hold up?

…HA wishes some of these hospitals would bring in the military to advise them. I bet wounded soldiers don’t wait 12 hours to get anyone to pay attention to them.

…There also could be way less aimless wandering by personnel—they drift back and forth like fish in an aquarium. You think it’s like “ER” back there with crash carts and George Clooney racing to your side? You wish.


Bill Thomasson said...

HA wrote: "I bet wounded soldiers don’t wait 12 hours to get anyone to pay attention to them."

A long time ago I spent a couple of years as an army medic. Luckily this was at a time when nobody was shooting at us -- the government just thought it was a good idea to have lots of people in the army in case those nasty Russkis started something. But we learned the principles of triage. First priority went to people who could get a pill or a bandage and immediately go back to fighting. Second priority went to people whose lives depended on prompt treatment. (This didn't include those who were probably going to die no matter what.) Everybody else waited.

Bill Thomasson

Star said...

I think they put the ones who come in by ambulance (altho this does not always cut the wait) and then those with breathing or bleeding problems. kids who are almost unconscious, etc. Since there is no fighting to go back to, the ones who need a bandaid wait along with those in between. But if you spend any time in these places, you know they are not efficient or responsive. My sister was on opiates for a bad hip, was desperately in pain, came to the ED for pain, talked to the triage nurse, then after 6 hrs, I talked to the same much longer? She said, your sister has pain meds in her, she can wait. We were THERE for pain! She said, "Oh." My sister was called next.