Sunday, February 12, 2006

You call this print fine?

. . .You may be reading this because you are retired and have time for such blather, so listen up. If you have a company health plan for retirees and are thinking about switching to one of the mind-numbing, soul-sapping prescription drug plans under Medicare Part D, read the teeny letters. At Boeing, anyhow, opting out of the company prescription plan could mean all your health benefits are canceled. Remember who you are dealing with—this is your former employer, think back

. . .If you have even a passing interest in creating a rational health care system in this country (something of an obsession with HA), check out CodeBlueNow, a grassroots organization run by Kathleen O’Connor ( Rational health care Now! Rational health care now! Never mind, we will work on the slogan.

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