Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Young folk hooking each other up with 'scripts

…Repeat after HA: Don’t take other people’s prescriptions. Of course, HA is saying this peering into the screen with pinkeye she got from her daughter. And she also got the medicine for it from the same source. So consider the source here.

…Still, in the New York Times, Nov 16, 2005, reporter Amy Harmon talks to young clubbers supplying each other with Ritalin, vicodin, and Prozac.

…The Drug Enforcement Administration reminds us, as is their wont, that this is illegal.

…And kinda dumb. If you took a pill in a club, would you know if it interacted with other meds you take? A couple of people interviewed allowed as they had bad
experiences with peer-given meds.

…Still some of these kids are pretty hip to this stuff. They know anti-depressants (“head meds”) inside and out, the pros, the cons. They whip our their Physicians’ Desk References. They troubleshoot in chat rooms.“We are our own best pharmacists,” one crowed.

…Is this what Bush means by taking control of your own health care? It could come to that.

…One caveat: This kind of thing went on a lot in the 1960s, and not everyone HA knew then is around to talk about it. HA herself popped something that caused year-long brain damage. Scary!

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