Thursday, March 09, 2006

Ambien…wha, where am I?

…Stephanie Saul, writing in the New York Times (March 8), says we need to get the Ambien-impaired off the roads.

..Some drivers pulled over were “sleep driving” and last remembered being tucked in at home.

…With 26.5 million prescriptions a year being written for this stuff, arrests for driving under the influence of Ambien are on the rise.

…Yes, DUI.

…How about the little note that crept into the Ambien ads recently…something about loss of memory being avoidable if 7 to 8 hours are allowed for sleep after popping the pill?

…Now hallucinations are being mentioned.

…Uh, this can’t be good.

…Officers says the Ambien offenders seem different, too. They can be oblivious to the fact they are being arrested. “Extremely bizarre, extreme impairment,” one authority said.

…Some Ambien users said they apparently got up and drove someplace and didn’t remember it in the morning. In many cases, they started urinating without benefit of toilet, too.

…Obviously chasing the pill with a few belts is also bad. But not all of these cases involved mixing with alcohol. “You shouldn’t even drink a toast,” notes one lawyer.

…Some people even take the pill before they drive home—so they will be sleepy when they get there. Unfortunately, they get really, really sleepy before they get there.

…Then the peeing starts, apparently. And the lightpole and parked car hitting.

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