Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Are Scotch-drinkers part Monty Python and part Norman Mailer?

…Eric Felton, writing in the WSJ, March 18, recounts a jaunt to Edinburgh to check out the wacky inconsistency Scotch can have depending on where the barrel was stored.

…I can hear you thinking, “Finally! Something worthwhile on this thing!”

…The intrepid scribe (makes HA proud to be a journalist) went with some members of the Scotch Malt Whiskey Society (27,000 members worldwide) to savor some peaty elixir from various barrels.

…”The full-strength nose has smoky bonfires, harbour smells, dusty-musty bookshops, and Brasso” they wrote on one cask.

…Gosh, HA hates to be picky, but harbor smells? Doesn’t that cover a lot of…seagull leftovers and stuff smooshed between wet cobblestones?

…”Smoldering slag heaps with brown sauce from the fish-and-chips shop…”

…”Creosote and sheep dip”

…”Strong sweetness reminiscent of Bazooka Joe bubblegum—a floral combination of roses and carnations with the rubberiness of school erasers”

…”Bacon fat cooking in a tractor shed”

…If you are not actively retching, the Society can be reached at www.smwsa.com. Membership comes with a bottle of Scotch, sweat socks coated with Buffalo sauce optional.

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