Thursday, March 23, 2006

Are women falling out of love with the scalpel?

…According to Newsweek (Mar 27), the facelift is no longer among the Top Five on the plastic surgery hit parade.

…Personally, HA has been completely grossed out by forcing herself to watch show after show on cable showing screws being put in people’s skulls and flesh stretched up and wired to them.

…Not to mention the painful walletectomy that follows.

…More people are turning to Botox to paralyze wrinkle-producing nerves above the nose level and face spackle type stuff to fill in wrinkies in the nasal and lip area.

…But some are trying a third technique—beauty vitamins.

…Will Omega-3 and other substances keep you from wrinkling? Doctors are skeptical.

…Some intrepid gals from Shop Etc. mag started downing these concoctions, containing such “vitamins” as Ester-C Alpha Lipoic Collagen Support. One said about 30 days into a 60-day treatment, she saw less sagging in her chin area. Another said her nails looked shiny like she had buffed them A third’s hair started growing like mad—just in time for her wedding.

…”Where are you hiding your crows feet?” they said they asked a colleague (a question HA doubts was ever asked—anyplace on Earth!).

…Yet another mentioned the word “nausea.” That can’t be good.

…Yes, beauty comes from inside. But it may not come directly from pills you put inside.

…We also, some of us, avoid people who want to carve us up like a silly goose.

…As for sticking needles in your eyes, didn’t that used to have a negative connotation?

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