Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Cough, splutter, snark, splah, go home already!

…This just out from the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases: Sick people don’t stay home from work, they prefer to spread the misery around.

…More than a third of workers feel pressured to drag their wracked bods into the office, 60% of them saying they worry that their work won’t get done (eyeroll). Almost half feel guilty (women more than men on that one, shocker).

…Another big motivator—no workee, no checkee. A fourth of those polled did not have sick leave.

….20% were concerned about getting the ax.

…You’ve heard of absenteeism? This insane desire to spread germs is described as “presenteeism.”

…When should you stay home? The NFID has a checklist of how to know if you’re poxy enough to ditch (see at right).

…Is this all some wimp alert? Maybe not. Thirty percent of those surveyed swore they got a bug from a coworker.

…That person should have been home giving it to his or her family. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

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