Thursday, March 30, 2006

Do you know the anti-jerk salute?

…When those online dating ads come on with people crooning about their first kiss, couldn’t you bang their goony heads together?

…HA is having a bad brain day.

…Studies show married people are healthier. This health consciousness must account for the new wrinkle on the dating sites—asking that the would-be mate have health insurance.

…The Pentagon has now gotten into the act, giving classes on how to pick the right spouse and not a “jerk.”

…56,000 military couples have come undone since the war in Afghanistan kicked off.

…People are also coming back with horrible injuries that take much understanding and TLC.

…Soldiers are urged to study F.A.C.E.S—meaning family background, attitudes, compatibility, experiences in the previous relatinships and skills they would bring to the marriage.

…Soldiers are asked not to let sex exceed commitment.

…The no-jerk salute is one hand on the heart, another at the brow…Use brain and heart.

…If only HA had known this sooner.

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