Friday, March 17, 2006

Feeling down--eat pharmafoods

…Food is cheaper and more widely available than medicine.

…No, not just Haagen Dazs!

…Connie Midey, writing in the Arizona Republic (Mar 14) talks about food and mood.

…Carbs raise the feel-good brain chemical serotonin. Zip! Self-medication with a Snickers.

…Ooops, make that a whole grain bagel. Sugar tends to give you a zotz, then drop you into the toilet.

…A nice piece of fish (Omega 3) and a salad rich in anti-oxidants can also gently raise mood.

…Studies also show that removing sugar and caffeine can perk you up.

…For HA, perked coffee perks her up. Don’t go by her.

…The key is to keep blood sugar levels level. Eat breakfast, don’t wait too long between meals, keep putting healthy fuels in.

…Who can be too depressed when a little snackie is waiting?

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