Monday, March 20, 2006

First Class or with clot?

…Deep Vein Thrombosis. HA does not want it.

…Being a queenly person, she disdains the child carseats they call coach and will do (almost) anything to fly first class.

…Now comes the news that painful or fatal blood clots can also be caused by low pressure and low oxygen levels in the plane cabin, not just by jamming your legs into an aching wad for four hours.

…Researchers in Holland got to wondering if this clotting deal could occur just as often in someone squashed into a car or sitting in a movie theatre for long periods.

…Turns out something in the plane made it more likely.

…Women taking birth control pills may be at more risk of DVT.

…People should avoid taking sedatives and drinking too much, too, if they want to avoid these unpleasant surprises.

…It also helps to walk around if they’ll let you and do some stretches.

…Rats! People in first class can also get clots, because the darn things have a genetic component. Maybe the free drinks will cut the pain.

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Star said...

Some new research shows wearing compression hose during a flight can help.