Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Girls going smart

…For reasons best not fully explored, the Journal of the American Medical Association surveyed girls to see how much they drank on Spring Break. Eighty-three percent answered “a lot,” and three-quarters said they had a lot of sex, too.

…They reported drinking underage, vomiting, blackouts, unprotected sex, sex with more than one partner, everything but sand under the thong. Gosh, to be young again!

…Women process alcohol differently than men, tut-tutted the researchers.

…Don’t forget those notorious opportunities to be “roofied,” raped, or disappear entirely and inadvertently star in your own series on cable news.

…Still, you need to live, girls. Enjoy yourself. When that little inner voice says, “Uh-oh,” listen. Stay with your GFs.

…Some schools are organizing productive trips, such as building Habitats for Humanity.

…To each her own.

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