Friday, March 10, 2006

Going to the hos-SPA-tal

…HA once wrote about some docs who spent part of their week in a beauty shop spritzing in the botox.

…How about bringing the beauty salon to the hospital? Many hospitals are like Banner Desert Medical Center here in the Valley of the Sun—the spa comes with!

…These luxuriously equipped “resorts” are not just for cancer patients who need a fluff and buff, although the fussing often works better to lift spirits than a fistful of pills.

…Cancer patients do find more understanding of their situation in the hospital spas, though, they say.

…These places offer aromatherapy, reflexology (uptown foot massages), touching and smoothing. Some have the warmed stones, the mud baths, the whole niner.

…In fact, mainstream biggies like Memorial Sloan-Kettering and Beth Israel are well into Alternative Med Land, offering shamans and feng-shuied rooms.

…If HA ever relaxed, you would not have this site, and she would probably end up in intensive care all floppy and unattractive. The sacrifices she makes for you…

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