Friday, March 24, 2006

Help for stuttering

…People who stutter are not slow or developmentally disabled or whatever term is in these days.

…Repeating syllables or having difficulty getting certain words out usually starts around age 2-5. One out of 30 children suffers from this disorder.

…Start treating it early. It gets harder after age 6.

…The first step is a speech therapist. Your child’s school is required to provide help, too.

…Reduce the pressure to communicate. Instead of saying, “How did it go today?” Say, “You look happy.” If the child wants to elaborate, he or she can.

…If there are other kids in the family, have a “no interruptions” rule. Give each child time.

…Talk slowly and calmly yourself. Show the child how it’s done. Do not finish the child’s sentences.

…Many children outgrow this. But it should be treated to give the child more confidence and understanding and help him or her do better in school.

…And don’t get impatient. Half the people on cable cannot communicate clearly. And they don’t have a good reason.

…For more info, check out the Stuttering Foundation’s website at

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