Monday, March 27, 2006

If Bird Flu went to school

…The Feds say it’s time for schools to plan for a possible outbreak of H5N1, that nasty Bird Flu.

…We don’t know if it’s coming…Some scientists weighed in last week in the New York Times say it is less likely to mutate to human-to-human form than some thought, but that to prepared for “something” was common sense.

…Who coordinates the closing of the schools? the Feds asked. Can kids keep up at home—and how? Who will feed kids who count on school meals?

…School buildings may have to become quarantine centers or be closed because too many people are too sick to come to work.

…Children 5 to 18 tend to be the biggest disease-spreaders. Schools may be closed just for that reason and kids sent home.

…For now, schools are working on getting kids in the habit of covering coughs and washing hands.

…And you thought Snow Days were bad. How about Deadly Virus Days? Some schools are setting up call centers or phone trees.

…For tips on preparing your home for a possible epidemic, see right to get The Bird Flu Preparedness Planner.

…The Centers for Disease Control also has a website describing possible social disruptions we could expect and how to prepare. Go to

…Brrr, a government website with “pandemic” in it. Freaky?


Impatient Patient said...

Dear Star

I work with short people. If the flu came to the place I work at I can almost guarantee that it would be business as usual. This January to March we had so many sick kids come that it was unbelievable. There were very few parents who kept their kids at home. I just found out that one of those parents DOES NOT WORK!!!!!

If the flu came to my place of work- i would be dead.

Star said...

This flu--the Birdie thing--would be different. People would be required to stay home...the book I cite is excellent on how to take care of kids and adults at home--hosps would be overwhelmed almost from the jump. I don't know--no one does--if this will be "the one," but I have started a little store of water and ramen, etc., in the garage. He goes into detail about what you should have--some of which might be hard to get, like Tamiflu and opiates.

I have never had something like this resonate with me before.

Bird Flu, tho, I don't think the nursery schools would be open. And you could well not be dead if taken care of properly at home. For one thing, a certain percentage of people will just be immune.