Friday, March 17, 2006

Men and doctors--not so much

…Knight-Ridder reporter Doug Wourgal takes on the thorny issue of why men won’t go to the doctor.

…HA is not a man and feels the same way.

…One doctor said men see their body as being like a car. If there is nothing wrong, no need to go. A defect is a sign of weakness. (And your point is…?)

…The question is, how to get hubs to go get his blood pressure checked without elevating it with an argument.

…Suggestions: Say a checkup is reasonable and let the idea sink in. DO NOT say he’s a mess and needs to go. DO NOT threaten death and misery (he is already afraid of this and would prefer it be a surprise, Wourgal sez).

…Appeal to his love of family (don’t be insulted, but this one is slow-acting).

…Have a friend intervene. (Let me know how that turns out, willya?)

…Make an appointment and say if he won’t go, he has to cancel it (what is this guy, 5?).

…DO NOT offer to go with.

…But you knew that last, didn’t you, MOM!

…Anyone else have good ideas?

...P.S. HA was going to use her image of the doctor donning a rubber glove to illustrate this, but then said naw.


Bill Thomasson said...

Use the car analogy. Cars need routine maintenance. Oil change, lube, rotate the tires. Check the engine to make sure everything's all right.

Star said...

Yes, I guess men don't take the analogy far enough. Good point.

Allegra-vSv said...

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Star said...

Sorry, you must ask your doctor. We are not doctors and only mention side efx of drugs as a starting point for people to make their own determination of what is right for their body.