Wednesday, March 29, 2006

No-fear, no-memory dentistry

…They call it full sedation dentistry, which is pretty self-explanatory.

…HA feels about dentists the way her dog Spencer feels about the UPS man. They both become junkyard poodles.

…Writing about this in the East Valley Tribune here in Phoenix, Mike Gossie tells of a woman who would rather have a baby again than go to the dentist.

…Another had to be led into the office blindfolded (whether she got a last cigarette was not recorded).

…HA will go but demands so much novocaine her ears and hairline check out.

…She also has to cough and mumble when they ask when she last had her teeth cleaned. If she tells the truth, the dentists will grab a clipboard and the Mercedes dealership phone number and start working out a “treatment plan.”

…HA has had procedures that come out to $800 an hour. (See above for reason.)

…Now she has heard about this triazolam stuff that puts you to “sleep,” or at least makes you forget what happened. It lasts between two and four hours and is not cooked up in a mobile home or anything. Dentists have to be specially trained to use it (there can be respiratory surprises).

…The FDA says this is for people 19 and up only.

…The upside is that you can get a ton of work done at once and minimize blindfolded trips across the tarmac.

…Should you consider this? Talk to your dentist. If you have respiratory problems, you might want to talk to your regular doctor, too.

…Would HA go this route? She is not a fan of the hurt now-forget later plan, but others might well prefer to get away from it all and wake up when it’s over.

…Dentists do have pretty good parting gifts like flowers, toothbrushes and teeny bottles of mouthwash.

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