Wednesday, March 08, 2006

No habla

…Eleven million people don’t speak English well enough to tell a doctor symptoms, understand instructions, or read a medicine bottle.

…As a result, each year, 28,600 people die.

…These deaths are utterly preventable.

…The Language Access Network, Inc. (T-LAN) uses real-time video to click on an interpreter in one of 180 languages 24/7.

…Ohio State University Medical Center recently implemented the system. Doctors and nurses say the relief shows in the face of their patients. Someone who “gets” it!

…HA recently interviewed a health care worker who said a Native American she knew refused to get a chemo port because no one had explained to her clearly that it did not mean her throat was being cut. She left four little children behind.

…The company also has a voicemail delivery system and email called Lingo to Go, where patients ask questions or describe changes and doctors can comment and leave instructions. Each in his or her own language.

…Now if they could get the docs to stop speaking Latin, we’d be all set.

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