Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Picky eaters—‘cule or cure?

…HA freaks at the sight of blood on bread (au jus, to some).

…Her daughter cannot even say the word “pea” without shuddering.

…Yet her daughter will eat oysters and dissect hard-shell crabs while HA blanches on the sidelines. The spawn was scraping artichoke leaves with her shiny serrated teeth while still in the highchair.

…HA, however, knows a child who will not touch a mushroom because “mush” is in the name.

…The March 4th edition of the WSJ, had a story about picky eaters by Kathy McLaughlin. Apparently in toddlers, this fastidiousness was an adaptive mechanism to keep them from hoovering poison berries and leaves.

…Usually by adulthood, you either are or aren’t. Most adults don’t seek treatment. Sushi or carrots are off the menu, period.

…Lori Ernsperger (co-author of “Finicky Eaters”) advises letting kids participate in making the food. It may take 10-15 times before they take a bite of the offending morsel. Ten to 15 times? Who is eating all that eggplant?

…Other experts recommend working up to the target food in something called “food-chaining.” From chips, to oven-baked slices, to other veggies.

…Or you can just let your kid eat 5 or 10 foods for a lifetime. It could get a little embarrassing, though, for your grown offspring to be in Paris and ask if they have Kraft Dinner.

…If you are abroad, which can give whole new meaning to the term “mystery meat,” they advise you to stick with what you recognize, such as rice.

…Rice? HA’s kid can’t even say the word she hates it so much. She calls it the “R-food.”

...What sets off your ick factor?

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