Thursday, March 30, 2006

Smart cookie chips in on snacks

…HA’s dog won’t eat taco chips as the result of an encounter with a particularly aggressive lime chip as a puppy.

…But most snacks are OK with him! And with most other “people.”

…HA is not a cracker-eater, but when her kid gets some, well, they are sitting right there.

…Charles Stuart Platkin, MPH, writer of the syndicated “The Diet Detective” column ( and author of four books on nutrition, says not all snacking is a no-no.

…While studies show that heavier people tend to snack more, healthy snacking is a way to keep hunger in check and blood sugar even.

…Cookies are about 100 to 150 cals an ounce. Calorie-wise an oatmeal cookie is about the same as a chocolate chipper.

…But Keebler Country Style Oatmeal is smaller than a Chips Ahoy Chunky Cocolate Chip, so is 60 cals versus 80 cals. The oatmeal fiber is also more filling, so you may be able to quit eating sooner.

…Are Animal Crackers and Graham Crackers healthy? Animal crackers have about 130 cals an ounce and grahams about 120. You do the math.

…Fig Newtons also are no health food at 55 cals each, Platkin notes.

…Low fat and low carb cookies? As high in cals as the rest!

…(This sucks.)

…So choose whole grain cookies. The whole grains have detectable nutrients and make you feel fuller.

…Maybe chips are OK. Ya think? Bagel chips and pita chips have 130 cals per ounce. Baked chips come in a little lower.

…Try a one-ounce bag of chips. Ripping open that second bag with a crazed gleam in your eye is social suicide.

…OK, what’s the bad news on Ritz Crackers? Sixteen cals apiece! Triscuits are 20 but are 100% whole grain.

…Whole grain. See a theme developing here?. Hairiness and small portions.

…At HA’s crib, we call the stuff in there “noobies.” Use it in a sentence? “Mom, this bread has noobies!”

…Yuuuum, noobies.

…Shut up, Homer.

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Linda said...

Another good snack is soy "nuts" -- which aren't really nuts, of course, but little round salty yummies that crunch -- good protein.