Monday, March 06, 2006

Strength-training for kids

…HA hated gym! Some youngsters can’t run laps or climb the dreaded rope.

…But now some specialists, say, these kids can train with weights.

…People used to think this was bad, but now that thinking is changing.

… The American Council on Exercise says there is no evidence to support the myths that weight training can stunt growth.

…Of course, kids need to be able to follow instructions, no horsing around, and do the exercises correctly.

…Check out Wayne Westcott’s video “Strength Training for Youth.” HA has interviewed Westcott many times. He’s solid.

…Kids also don’t need a lot of expensive equipment. Pulling against their own body weight in pushups and crunches can be effective home methods.

…Results? Replacing fat with muscle (which may weigh more, but burns calories faster even when the youngster is not active), strengthening bones, and resisting injury.

…Oh, and self-esteem. Finally! Something to be good at.

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Natan said...

I have completely changed my opinion about strength training. I never thought that I could get an aerobic exercise out of lifting.
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