Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ta-ta to breast cancer?

…HA saw “Inside Man” over the weekend (save your money). Many of the women in it were particularly well-endowed. Charmingly, the cops even identified people by cup size.

…American females, on the other hand, share the desire not to lose their lives or the outward symbols of their gender to breast cancer.

…In her book, Waking the Warrior Goddess: Dr. Christine Horner’s Program to Protect Against and Fight Breast Cancer, the activist/surgeon presents a 30-step program to safeguard breast health.

…She sees younger and younger women getting breast cancer. Studies also show that African-American women tend to get an aggressive form of the disease—and get it younger.

…Breast cancer has gone up 21% in the last four years!

…Our environment is toxic, many foods are covered with pesticides. Breast cancer is also genetic.

…Horner says many natural spices and herbs can help protect women. She lists green tea, turmeric, grape seed extract, garlic, flax seeds, CoQ10, soy, rosemary, miatake mushrooms, wakame, and mekabu seaweed, vitamin D, and many substances found in veggies.

…For instance, DIM found in cruciferous veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, the smelly ones), shuts off a key enzyme allowing cancer to grow, Horner says.

…Calcium-Glucarate in lettuce and oranges stops the liver from spitting out toxins.

…There is some evidence that maitake mushroom arrests the growth of tumors (though they can thin blood).

…Green tea, similarly, delivers a jolt of anti-inflammatories and has been shown to lower the likelihood of breast cancer.

…Turmeric improves the breakdown of toxins by the liver and does a laundry list of powerful things, such as stopping tumor cell grow and turning on the tumor suppression gene. Some say it also promotes weight loss.

…Like everything on this website, these comments should be checked out by your doctor or Google before pounding in the substances.

…Ya gotta drink something, though, so how about more iced green tea and less chemical-laced diet soda this summer?

…Horner also suggests laughing a lot. Maybe thinking of the look on a woman’s face if she downed all this stuff might bring a smile.

…For this reason, Dr. Horner has collaborated with Enzymatic Therapy to make a pill with a lot of this stuff in it. Check our http://www.protectivebreast.com/.

…Save your life or a loved one’s, make Spike Lee happy, and perk up American males everywhere—what a win-win-win.


Bill Thomasson said...

Not to many years ago I was involved in the PR campaign promoting the health benefits of green tea. In looking over the evidence, it became obvious to me that there is little or no relevant difference between green tea and black tea. It's just that most of the research has been done in Japan, where green tea is the standard drink -- so that's what they test.

But the US ultimately derives its tea-drinking habits from India, where they do the black-tea thing. So green tea is exotic. And a lot of people seem to believe reflexively that anything exotic must be better for you.

Star said...

To me, green tea is weak. What about white tea? That's another big woo right now.