Wednesday, March 29, 2006

They don’t call it a “horse-pital” for nothing

…Comes today a story locally about a miniature horse who visits hospital patients.

…Man, those hospital patients have ALL the luck!

…Every time HA is confined in the “place,” she pines for her puppy. What fun is it to put your legs anyplace you want in the bed? And someone has to bite the nurse and HA may be too weak.

…Of course, dogs are the standard issue, not horsies. A controlled study recently showed that anxiety dropped 24 points for heart patients when the pooch showed up.

…The investigator said people’s stress hormones dropped 17% when visited by a person and a dog and only 2% when the person came alone.

…They probably were wondering about the dog. If it’s not here, is it sick or something?

…HA’s sister’s husband thought about smuggling their greyhound into the hospital, but couldn’t think of a good cover story. “That little mechanical rabbit ran in here”?


Linda said...

HA's sister probably could have gone home a day early if she had been visited by Jack, her trusty greyhound. She realllly missed him and is sure he would have sped up the healing process.

Star said...

See? Doggie power!

Mignon said...

I took Dude to see people in nursing homes when she was a puppy, and you should'a seen the happy faces (and wagging tail).