Monday, March 27, 2006

What if you don't LIKE veggies?

…It’s a dirty little secret in HA’s family. We do not luuuuv the veggies.

…Even dietitians tell ya that some plants are bitter on purpose—to keep bugs off—and need a lot of dressing to become palatable. How do you think dressing even got started, much less butter, salt, and olive oil?

…We know veggies improve internal workings, prevent birth defects, keep teeth and bones strong, lower cholesterol, improve vision, and boost memory—not to mention walk the dog and take out the trash.

…But a big salad at our house leaves our jaws aching and intestinal memories that linger for days.

…OK, you don’t like the veggies and fruits you’ve tried. Great news--there are 400 kinds!

…HA once did a story in which she had to eat some weirdies like starfruit, horned melon (that’s him in the mugshot), and Ugli fruit. Let’s just say she earned her money that week.

…So how to get some of the darned things down? Slip a slice of something—tomato, fried eggplant, mushroom, or avocado—into every sandwich.

…When you have soup, even Campbell’s, throw in some frozen veggies. Or tomato puree.

…Dip bitter or weird-tasting veggies into good tasting dips. Have you noticed the produce department now has caramel and other dip mixes? Verrry interesting.

…Make smoothies.

…Drink veggie juice one day a week or more.

…Dredge fruit into yummy sauces for dessert.

…Twelve servings a day? HA highly doubts it—and she counts her lunch banana and any unsuspecting catsup that might come her way.

…Ideas, readers?

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