Monday, March 13, 2006

When paper shredders attack

…Since 2000, the Consumer Product Safety Commish has received 50 horripifying accounts of kids or pets getting amputation or lacerations from paper shredders.

….Some people are swapping paranoia about ID theft for sliced up tots.

…Writing in the Washington Post, Caroline E. Mayer says often the kid injuries come when Mom and Dad let the youngster feed in the paper. In other words, when supervised!

…At least five dogs also had their tongues caught in the things.

…“It’s amazingly easy to injure yourself,” said one man.

…”The screams are hard to forget,” another man commented.

…”His fingers looked like ground meat,” said a woman of her son. The shredder had to be removed from her son’s hand in the ED with a tool used to break plaster casts.

…Still sales of shredders are booming. HA was just wondering the other day if there were companies who might shred cartons of old papers for her.

…Calling someone, now there’s an idea.

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