Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ah, smells like victory

…If you don’t live in Arizona, you may have grass. We have it here, too, but it’s scrappy unless manicured on a golf course by tiny, very thirsty gnomes.

…Grass grows. Growing means cutting. And to men, cutting grass means the sweet elixir of gasoline fumes.

…What is it with men and those fumes? A friend of HA’s was weed-eating with a gas wead-eater and the fumes crept into HA’s house and set off the smoke detectors. Ah, the power, the glory! Manly!

…So HA hardly dares bring up the idea of a rechargeable electric mower. Sunlawn (www.sunlawn.com) offers one, tho, for anyone still reading.

…It cuts for 75 minutes without wimping. It also trundles around the yard on the power of two 24-volt batteries.

…You can also just push it manually, sans electricity.

…It’s $379.

…HA knows money is no object, you are willing to pay more to get the fumes. She is just sayin.’

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