Friday, April 07, 2006

The big yellow sky fire can hurt

…When the sun comes out in Arizona, it comes way out! (And it’s not dry heat in summer, either, but they don’t tell you that until you close on your house.)

…In the East Valley Trib (Apr 6th), Marija Potkonjak takes on the subject of UV-protective duds.

…When she was a tot, HA thought a t-shirt kept the sun out. Au contraire! A cotton t-shirt is only rated a 7 (and you do wear 15 or higher block, don’t you?). Wetting fabric cuts protection in half, too.

…Sunblock, the docs say, is not enough. Most people don’t lard on the shot-glasses-worth they recommend or wait 15 minutes for it to “take.”

…Some protective clothes carry a rating of 50 and retain their effectiveness through 20 washes.

…Instead of ugly rack trash, decent designers are cranking out cute protective styles.

…Check out

…And if you’re really into it, the EPA charts the UVs daily.

…No matter how trendy the sun-fighting threads, tho, you still need the blockster!

…Some people won’t walk to the mailbox without these clothes on, one designer noted.

…Those would be the melanoma survivors

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