Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Blah, blah, click, click

…Did you see the piece on “60 Minutes” on April 2nd? How the 40-hour workweek is almost a vacation now?

…The people interviewed were jabbing away at their CrackBerries side by side on the couch halfway into the night.

…Some were in Internet cafes, slugging in the double speedos (or whatever), eyeing their ‘Berries for incoming, networking on the big screen, talking on their cells, and doing everything but push a foot treadle to watch TV.

…HA says feh to that! And she has been guilty herself of flipping on the computer first thing on both Saturday and Sunday.

…Bad, bad HA.

…In the April 4th WSJ, Teresa Rivas wrote a story on the growth of off-hours work. Two out of five Americans work weird hours.

…Only 30% have a conventional 9-5er.

…The eggheads attribute it to more demand for services from rich Boomers or clamoring from countries in other time zones.

…Chronic sleep deprivation can result if people stay awake when their uncooperative inner clock is saying, “Crash!”



…Stupidity and fog.

…More unhappiness and divorce if one half of a couple works nights.

…Almost all think weird hours are a youthful phenomenon and they will chill later.

…That couple on “60 Minutes”? Here’s the thing, see. Not that young.


Bill Thomasson said...

To me, one of the great advantages of freelancing is that I can (mostly) work according to a schedule that is comfortable for me. Which bears no resemblance to a traditional 9 to 5.

Although, during those periods of my life when I was working for someone else, it wasn't all that difficult to reset my internal clock to match the employer's idea of "normal business hours."

Bill Thomasson

Star said...

I did normal for 16 yrs,
but am a morning person and for the next 24 as a freelancer, have worked east coast hrs, which in Phoenix are 7-3ish. 60-80 hr weeks? Oh, I am so sure.