Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Creaking with health

…Writing in the NYT (Apr 16), Bill Pennington says boomers are the first gen to grow up deliberately exercising and fully expect to keep doing it forever, or at least into their 70s.

…Now they are suffering from “boomeritis,” meaning knees, hips, ligaments, tendons, and other vital appurtenances to movement are wearing out.

…Evolution isn’t that fast, one doc sighed. You can’t do at 50 what you did at 25.

…This ought to be called “Generation Ouch,” remarked one sawbones.

…The only thing boomers go to the doc for more than bum parts is for the common cold.

…Between 1991 and 1998, athletic injuries seen in the ED are up by one-third.

…One doctor said the high divorce rate is forcing slowing types back into the gym in search of the (presumably) babe-magnet sixpack or mogul-magnet thighs of steel.

…Some boomers are making the rounds of docs trying to get a third or fourth rotator cuff surgery so they can keep playing tennis.

…One gal had nine knee surgeries. She finally gave up running—but jumped on a bike.

…The National Athletic Trainers Association, according to Pennington, encourages people to stay active, but with modifications.

…Skip days or alternate running with other sports. Stretch beforehand.

…The dark side of exercise?

…Nah—some is good, but exercise your judgment along with your triceps.

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