Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Darkness needs to stay fallen

…Richard Hansler at the Lighting Innovations Institute at John Carroll University in Cleveland writes HA that exposing the eyes to light at night can increase cancer risks.

…Seems flipping the switch during the midnight pit stops can cause the pineal gland to stop making melatonin, which some studies show fights cancer.

…The average person, Hansler says, is only exposed to darkness 7 hrs a night instead of the 12 experienced in the olden days.

…Blind people, he contends, have half the risk of cancer.

…Women who sleep 9+ hrs supposedly have a third the risk of breast cancer.

…In 2002, it was discovered that only the blue component of light was suppressing melatonin.

…This Lighting Innovations place makes lightbulbs and glasses that are said to be good for cancer survivors and people with a predisposition.

…Check out

…What do you think, readers? Interesting?

…Go to and enter “melatonin cancer light.”

…HA was previously aware that working the night shift correlated to increased breast cancer risk.

…Does HA’s “Star” nightlight count as light?

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