Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Domestic abuse--junior level

…HA first got wind of dating teens getting physical (in a bad way) when her kid was in junior high. She’d say, “What? Her HIT her? Omigod, you girls cannot let that happen!”

…Then, of course, being HA, she repeated this about a million times until the kids got sick of hearing it.

…Did it do any good or not?

…Writing in the Apr 24th Arizona Republic, Karina Bland talks about a program called “Love is Not Abuse,” developed by some NY nonprofits.

…Teens at 400 high schools so far have learned what to do if a relationship gets violent.

…According to stats developed at Harvard, one in five girls 14-18 is abused by a boyfriend. If you include emotional abuse and harassment, that’s one in three.

…More dismaying numbers…a third of kids know a girl in this position, a fourth of teen girls say they have been subjected to verbal abuse. Twenty percent say at least one boyfriend has threatened to harm them or himself if they break up.

…This is serious stuff. Are the kids seeing it at home? What makes this crap in the least acceptable?

…Kids are urged to seek help from a domestic abuse facility immediately.

…Parents need to watch out for bruises or behavior changes (such as having to “check” with a boyfriend before doing something). Alcohol or dug use can also surface to dull the pain and confusion.

…Parents need to constantly instill a sense of worth and give kids lots of chances to talk.

…No one has the right to lay hands on you—no matter what your age.

…When HA thinks of insolent punk high school boys ripping up on these girls, it makes her furious!

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