Thursday, April 27, 2006

The eyes lose it

…HA gets up, walks 15 feet to her office, and tears are streaming down her face.

…She understood this in the days when one of her cats turned rogue and marked up the place (the anti-odor vinegar was worse on the eyes than the original problem). But this kitty has moved on now to a single-cat household where his self-professed excellence can be fully appreciated..

…And yes, Arizona, where people used to go for their health, is an allergy sump.

…But this eye deal stinks!

…Experts at National Jewish Hospital say “allergic conjunctivitis” is caused when our 15,000 daily blinks scrape over jagged pollen grains in our eyes.

…In summer, the offender is grass pollen. Ragweed, later in the summer, is no treat either.

…What can you do?

…Wash hands! Your hands are coated with pollen from touching…well, anything.

….Use saline rinses or artificial tears.

…Wear sunglasses—these can keep pollen from edging into your eyes.

…Use the air conditioner—it can block some of the stuff.

…Slap a frozen bag of peas on your eyes while relaxing. Cuts itching, too.

…If you’re not better, hit up the doc for one of many meds he or she can offer.

…These plink directly into the eye and should be taken continuously. They work better if they are in there before the irritation gets entrenched.

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