Thursday, April 20, 2006

Flame out tableside

…Eating out should not be an extreme sport.

…It’s weird enough when crackling dishes are whisked by your table, cooking in the air on the fly.

…But who came up with the idea of eating food that was actually on fire?

…The French? Thus flambe?

…Here in Phoenixland, you need a permit to serve such dishes, called appropriately a flaming-food permit.

…There also are flaming-food regulations.

…Burns are rare but have happened here, putting one kid in the hospital, a victim of a flaming “onion volcano.”

…In this charming dish, diluted alcohol is used to set the onion on fire.

…Trouble is, one time it set two kids on fire in an “explosion of flames.”

…Is this really necessary? Have onion rings really sunk this low?

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