Tuesday, April 11, 2006

If people don't know they are large, someone will clue them in

….Study in the news this morning: Overweight people don’t define themselves as “obese,” even though experts have decided they are.

…OK, for one thing—“obese” is a crappy word. It pretends to be neutral and clinical and is still freighted with disdain and discrimination, even from doctors.

…“Obesity is the terror within,” shrilled our Surgeon General. Here HA thought “stupidity” was our terror within.

…These same experts tsked-tsked over this apparent lack of realism on the part of these people because it meant that larger people weren’t recognizing themselves in the endless public health stories and what HA calls U&D articles (Ugly and Doomed).

…And, gosh, if you don’t see yourself in those public health warnings, you won’t take advantage of the fabulous, lasting ways to lose weight that are all around you.

…A Gallup Poll shows that 56% of American say they want to lose weight, including 18% who want to lose “a lot.”

…People tend to want to exercise more, rather than eat less. If they only want to lose “a little,” they are split between exercise and caloric restriction as the method.

…If they want to lose “a lot,” they prefer exercise to dieting two to one. Yet, even those who wanted to lose “a lot,” more than half did less than three hours of strenuous exercise a week.

…As for the surgery, only 1% of those who want to lose “a lot” would definitely consider it.

…62% say they would never have it.

…36% say it might be a last resort.

…As people grow older, the desire to lose diminishes.

…(HA guesses everyone knew if they were “obese” or not.)

…Personally, she thinks the declining desire as one ages is the result of experience. Lose/regain, lose/regain, oops/back where you started or worse. Sounds familiar?

…Now that’s realism.

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