Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Kids! Eat the entire collection

…Kids like to collect stuff. Baseball cards (no wait, Dad does those), marbles (are they still around?), beanie babies (same?).

…Well, OK—how about collecting veggie stickers?

…You know—those things that NEVER come off without a gummy patch of fruit skin or rind?

…A guy named Robert Zyluk has issued a Produce Passport…a booklet in which kids can stick the stickers off fruits and veggies—after they have been purchased and eaten.

…Apparently kids are all but dragging their parents to the produce section to score the stickers—and presumably the tasty treats.

…Go to The booklet, which is full of fun facts in addition to sticker-sticking space, is $2.95.


Mignon said...

Wow! That is such an excellent idea. The creator should get some kind of award.

Anonymous said...

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