Monday, April 03, 2006

Kids not off the hook on disease spread

…HA used to look at the preschool class and think, “Big petrie dish.”

…Kids have long been blamed for bringing home all the latest poxes, secreted in their hot, damp, young, delicious germ-loving flesh.

…Now some docs at National Institutes of Health and UPenn, studied 30 years of flu data. The regular old flu took 5.2 weeks to spread across the U.S.

…The long-distance spread patterns seemed to correlate more with people going to their workplaces or moving.

…This is not to say, the scientists added, that kids weren’t the culprits when it came to spread within a family or a city.

…This makes sense in that most children do not waltz off to distant cities—especially when they are feeling poorly.

…HA wonders who paid for this study? What do you say, folks? One for The Big Book of Duh?

…Of course, if people start wanting to travel distances to workplaces when human-to-human Bird Flu is afoot, these findings may lead to cordoning.

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