Thursday, April 20, 2006

"Lady" heart problems

…HA has a wonky ticker herself. When docs listen, they say the words “hippy hop,” which HA does not consider a term of art, by the way.

…But HA digresses.

…Everyone has heard by now that heart disease, not cancer, is the biggest killer of women.

…Clogged arteries are the leading cause of death in women over 25. Women are less likely than men to get those before age 60 but after that, if they do, they get worse cases.

…Women with chest pain, as a matter of fact, are more likely than men to have clear arteries, leading docs to wonder: Wha?

…When women do show blocked arteries, they not only have worse symptoms but have more co-problems such as high BP, cholesterol and diabetes that can make surgery riskier.

…Those balloon thingies used to crush blocks over to the sides of arteries don’t work as well in women, either. Maybe, docs say, their smaller vessels reclog easier.

…Some women with symptoms may have microvascular disease, a stiffening of tiny arteries so they don’t expand to carry blood. This could result in low blood flow but no detectable blockages.

…Yup, this problem leads to more heart attacks than women who don’t have it.

…Uh-oh, women likely to have an attack can also be detected using a hostility test. Now THAT makes HA hostile!

…What the heck is a hostility test? Huh? Huh? Answer me!

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