Friday, April 07, 2006

Let's not let Washington kill us

…The other nite as HA communed with the talking heads on cable, one of them asked why the admin was not getting credit for the “good” economy.

…The other TH said, “Because they don’t see it as good from their personal viewpoint. They see pension plans tossed, jobs going overseas, wages going down, prices going up, overrpiced houses sitting on the market, and companies like GM tanking.”

…In a story in the WashPost (Apr 4), Jennifer Huget reports on a 16-year survey done at the Univ of Michigan. One finding was that fear of losing one’s job was more directly linked to bad health or depression than actually losing it or actually having a brush with a life-threatening illness.

…It’s the dread, the unremitting stress. Get fired, you can do something. Afraid of getting fired, constantly respond and tear your body up.

…According to Huget’s sources, this dread changes body chemistry.

…The researchers suggested that Washington should plan for the ill health of the worried still-employed.

…Like it plans.

…HA recommends action to counter dread. Keep your ear to the ground at work. Try extra hard. Suck in the spending. Fine-tune your resume. Network. Be confident you have something to offer even in a buyer’s economy.

…And think about a second career you might like if your field is narrowing.

…We can always move to India and get our jobs back.

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