Monday, April 17, 2006

The love molecule

…HA is a pretty crappy romantic. She is in awe of “boy brains” for fixing things, but not for bossing her around.

…She KNEW it. This love deal is the result of a goo called nerve growth factor (NGF), according to some Italian scientists at Pavia Univ.

…Somehow these guys found 58 people who had just fallen in love and they were lousy with this NGF stuff.

…After one year, their levels had fallen to normal. Time for “someone” to take out the garbage, walk the dog, pick up his socks, and empty the dishwasher.

…This may be OK in the scheme of things. Apparently NGF makes you sigh a lot, forget things, spend a fortune on flowers and candy, eat out way more than you should, have a lot of sex, and create offspring.

…HA it tellin’ ya. It’s trouble.

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