Friday, April 21, 2006

Ms. Freeze

…Freeze 24/7 is a new face goo that’s being pushed at high-rent dept stores these days.
…Even The Botoxed supposedly see and feel a difference with this stuff.

…Welcome to “instant skin care.”

…Not so fast, ladies. Freeze 24/7 is involved in a smackdown between scientists. The Freeze folks say their active ingredient can penetrate the skin and tell the muscles to relax, but that they don’t have research on this penetration.

…Yet, other docs say, there is a test for this (using cadavers, words fail HA).

…Even though Freeze 24/7 supposedly alters the skin, it’s considered a cosmetic, which is subject to lower standards of “proof.”

…Something, the experts say, may be altering the skin, but the muscles might not be involved. (Botox slackens them, thus preventing them from yanking the skin into grooves.)

…Maybe it’s just making the skin feel cool and numb, so you don’t want to “crack” it with smiles or frowns.

…Those smiles can be killer, you know.

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