Monday, April 10, 2006

Non-stink paint that won't croak ya

…Writing in the WSJ on Apr 7th, Christina S.N. Lewis talks about eco-friendly paint.

…See how HA manages to incorporate trees, remodeling, and her other interests (such as product naming—wait for it) into health issues?

…Sherwin-Williams, Lewis says, has Duration Home interior latex paint, with 1,400 colors.

…Yolo Colorhouse already has an “environmentally responsible” line. (Is that the coolest company name ever?)

…Robert Redford even sells Prairie Line paint in his Sundance catalog, Lewis reports.

…In these paints, noxious solvents that keep paint spreadable are replaced by non-stinky binders.

…Apparently, these hues can have a few drawbacks. They dry too fast to apply smoothly, according to some painting pros. One painting company welcomed a $16,000 do-over, tho—good for business.

…This stuff also costs a few bucks more a gallon. Some users don’t love the range of colors, either. One is called “Air.” Your guess is as good as HA’s.

…Plus--some painters may add a surcharge, not so much for the difficulty of putting on the paint, but against the contingency that people who seek out this stuff are going to be picky, picky, picky.

…”Oh, Mr. Painter, I think we are going to need two coats of Air.”

…Still you can sleep in the painted room the same day and live to brag about it.

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